Motivational Speaker

“I am passionate in motivation & that it can transform lives.”

In her speaking she reaches out to values, goals and beliefs of every individual.  Myeni aims to deliver impactful speeches that lead to mind transformation and meaningful life change. She is excellence driven and infuses it to her audience. She is certain that understanding of the mind’s supernatural power and how it plays an integral part in ones overall life outcomes brings about self-awareness and a stretching ability. Nompumelelo aims to inspire holistic change one-step at a time. Myeni believes the way one thinks about them selves, their environment and the interpretation thereof can change behavior which in turn changes the outcomes. Her patience and eloquence allows her the ability to mentor and coach young and mature minds to realize their potential and mentor grown minds to make life changing decisions and take action towards a better life. She also focuses on growing self-confidence, self-belief, overcoming fear and self-sabotage and realizing self worth.


  • No Doubt Success has room for everyone.
  • Believe for success
  • Confidence as the main ingredient for success
  • Overcome self sabotage and win
  • Fear is not in your DNA
  • The balance of Time, Space and Matter
  • Achieving the crazy

Team Building Talks

“For winning organizations staff moral is a critical aspect to productivity.”

Highly motivated individuals lead to high achieving teams and profits are innevitable. Nompumelelo offers team motivation that brings back reality of belonging and noticeable existence to individuals. She creates environments for teams to explore their diversity and have meaningful dialog. She enables teams to find their strength and work through its weaknesses.

Nompumelelo believes that Functional teams are the engines of any organization.  Through proper capacitating, coaching and mentoring and consistent moral building Nompumelelo believes that teams excel. There is no success in broken teams. Myeni enables teams to create environments that promote productivity. Nompumelelo helps teams identify common goal and work together to achieve it. Through various activities and team building exercises and talks she is able to assist teams find each other, embrace diversity, enjoy differences in opinion and   contribute in healthy debates. She has worked with corporate teams, church teams and sports teams and has achieved overwhelming success.


“Great leaders are the best conductors”

Nompumelelo is an eloquent speaker; she has facilitated local and international conferences across development planning, empowerment and spiritual fields. She assists event planners and managers achieve their ultimate goals. Her knowledgeable eloquence, bubbly character and confidence enable her to facilitate vibrant sessions. Nompumelelo has amazing time management skills whilst promoting robust debates.  Conferences are about content and context Nompumelelo makes certain that for yours you won’t loose either.